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  • Bertrand Brigite (French) wrote:
    04-06-2014 - 06-06-2014

    We want to say THANK YOU for the last 3 days in Sukau Rainforest Lodge. We had a great great time during our trip. All the staff was very kind and help me with my handicap. We saw many animals, trees.

    Good organization, the food was very good. The room was very comfortable. Our small group were very kind. Special thank you to Hamit our guide.

    Your lodge is like a small paradise. And for the canopy, the visit was too fast, we could have a meal for one hour, not during 2 hours. But itís not very important.

  • Mariam Abdullah (Malaysia) wrote:
    05-06-2014 - 05-06-2014

    My trip was very good. I really like the place and the cruise.

    It was worth the trip and I donít regret to be there. Will come again with my family.

    Thanks a lot for their hospitality during my stay. The guide was very good.

  • Roger Van Dok (America) wrote:
    01-06-2014 - 04-06-2014

    Thank for the well wishes. I'm still a little bit jet lagged and I picked up a mild cough on the flight home. Other than that, we are all well.

    I checked with my credit card and I see the credit posted to my account. Thank you.

    We all enjoyed the tour very much. We really appreciated the revised day 1 itinerary and felt very lucky that we got to see pigmy elephants on two occasions along the river. Everyone affiliated with Borneo Eco Tours was very friendly and accommodating. My cousin's daughter Brenna had no problems with her gluten intolerance. All in all, it was an enjoyable, memorable experience. We all would welcome an opportunity to visit again some time in the future.

  • Johan Bjorlin (Sweden) wrote:
    30-06-2014 - 01-07-2014

    Thanks for you help during the booking process. The excursion was an entirely positive experience and please let Dean Nexter know he is a very good guide.

  • Sasha Peakall & Rodney Pe (Australia) wrote:
    01-04-2014 - 10-04-2014

    I don't even know where to start with praise for Sukau it was just wonderful, the time we spent there was probably one of the best travel experience we have both had out of all the amazing places we have each visited around the world. The staff were very hospitable and knowledgeable and the wildlife was exceptional. We were very pleased to spot the Pigmy Elephants quite closely on two days and also spotted a wild orang-utan and her baby above the lodge which for me was a dream come true. Dad really enjoyed the night cruises as we got the chance to spot so many beautiful sleeping birds. Thanks again!

  • Richard & Dana Young (Australia) wrote:
    19-04-2014 - 21-04-2014

    We had a great time at Sukau Rainforest Lodge and will have no hesitation in recommending Borneo Eco Tours to all our friends.

  • Lee-Anne Hawson (Ireland) wrote:
    02-03-2014 - 07-03-2014

    Thank you for organizing our Borneo trip so well. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and found everything to our liking. The guides were all extremely friendly and informative and the accommodation always very comfortable especially Sukau Lodge which was beautiful.

  • Daniel and Corie Loes (United States of America) wrote:
    03-03-2014 - 09-03-2014

    Just wanted to let you know everything was great on our trip to Borneo. Your itinerary was perfect. Adrian, Felix, Marsdam, et al did great jobs and were very informative. The Malaysian people were all very nice. Sukau Rainforest Lodge was wonderful with great wildlife. We enjoyed our free time in Brunei as well. We wish we could have stayed longer in Borneo but we donít like to be away from our twin seven year old girls too long.

  • Dennis and Jody Haley (United States of America) wrote:
    01-03-2014 - 01-03-2014

    Excellent. Great sightings of so many birds and animals. Night cruise was great as well.

  • Pat and Michael Walden (United States of America) wrote:
    01-03-2014 - 01-03-2014

    Lodge was superb. The trip down the river to the lodge was exciting and we saw many animals, especially the pygmy elephants, and on the other trips down the river we also saw many animals - proboscis monkeys, macaques, otters - and birds. On our way to the Gomantong cave we saw a mother orang utan and her baby in the trees. Must admit the cave was pretty nerve wrecking with the cockroaches and centipedes! But wouldnít have missed it. Best wishes.