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  • Julia Zuber (Australian) wrote:
    18 - 23 April 2014

    I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help organising my trip. I had a great time in Sabah and would happily visit Borneo again, there's so much to see and do and my short trip was just the tip of the iceberg.

    The punctuality of my guides was fantastic - sounds silly, but I never had to worry about someone picking me up, or wonder if i'd been forgotten. Everyone was exactly where they said they'd be at the required time. And it made such a difference.

    Their knowledge was also very impressive. I think most of my guides were green badge guides, yet they knew so much more than just nature & environment, which is truly a testament to their commitment to their jobs. The work that they must do outside of their work hours is very much appreciated.

    The only potential room for improvement was the fact that when I stayed at Borneo Nature Lodge I was the only one from my group there. That was a bit disappointing as my one real opportunity to meet people was on my cruises and because I was travelling alone it felt quite isolating. One guide even forgot to pick me up one day! If there hadn't have been another Borneo Eco Tour guide at my accommodation (who was picking up another group and was able to quickly fix my problem) I would've been left behind for sure. The accommodation itself at Borneo Eco Lodge was fantastic and Sue did a great job of looking after me. It's just that because I was on my own (& there's a lot of down time between cruises) that it was a bit difficult. If at all possible, I'd try to move two people or a couple when Sukau is full - at least then there'll be two people together.

    The only other bit of feedback I would suggest is on the itinerary sometimes it would include swim wear, but I wasn't sure whether there would be facilities to change there or not. But that's obviously easily fixed.

    I would definitely recommend Borneo Eco Tours and should I be lucky enough to visit Borneo again, I will happily contact you for help with organising my tour.

  • Peter Arnoff Nielsen (Danish ) wrote:
    24 March - 4 April 2014

    I have just returned from my Borneo trip. I wish to thank Borneo Eco Tours for an excellent work in understanding my requirements and expectations and turning them into an fine itinerary that included Lankayan Island, Sukau Rainforest Lodge and Borneo Rainforest Lodge. All with outstanding service, excellent hygiene and food and no least superb wild life spotting.

    Sukau Rainforest Lodge is situated on the brink of Kinabatangan River. The rainforest surrounding the river is secondary and the sole access is by boat. The wildlife is fantastic and very concentrated. Wild life spottings are done by boat in the morning, late afternoon and night.

    The gate to Borneo Rainforest Lodge is placed around an hour’s drive away from the lodge. No other settlements are closer to the lodge situated beautifully along a small river in the middle of the primary rainforest. Spottings are done by tracking around 2 hours in the morning and late afternoon and truck driving at night. The canopy trail can be used w/o a guide and is very recommendable.

    While I really enjoyed the beauty of Lankayan Island and the resort there one should not go there based solely on high expectations to diving or turtle nestlings and hatchings.

  • Helen & Peter Martin (Australian) wrote:
    5 - 8 March 2015

    I wanted to say how much my husband and I enjoyed our time with Fernando. He was professional, very agreeable and hospitable. The lodge was lovely and fun.

    You do a great job.

    Thanks again.

  • Linda Denise Vest & Nina Ghareeb (American) wrote:
    12 – 28 March 2015

    We had a wonderful holiday.  Borneo Ecotours did a fabulous job.  Our guides were great.  Sabah is amazing.  I would definitely recommend this trip.  The only problem we had was on our flight home.  The Mulu to KK was cancelled and it took us 60 hours to get home instead of 18 hours.  Malaysia Air took care of us, so it all worked out.

  • Gordon Charles Whittleston & Dawn Frances Handy (British) wrote:
    17th Feb 2015 – 21st Feb 2015

    We stayed for 3 nights/4 days at Sukau and we could not fault our experience. Our main guide, Jumaidi, was helpful, knowledgeable and a cheery personality that made him a pleasure to be with. Having singled him out I have to say that all our guides and 'captains' were excellent in different ways.

    The river tours, both day and night, together with the visit to the bat/swiftlet caves never failed to provide us with different experiences with the wildlife - which, as it goes without saying, was breath taking!!....and we forgive you for not having the elephants cross our path!!. The journey back to Sandakan, with the huge oil palm plantations, made us realise just how at risk the rain forest is - and we applaud any efforts that you make to re-address the balance. The board walk at night has given us a marvellous audio memory of our stay....and maybe providing this for visitors would meet with universal approval....we also thought that the brown pamphlet that we received on arrival was so useful in terms of the information that it contained that receiving it beforehand would have been of great benefit.

    As an aside (and it did not cloud our view of your company overall), our experience of Turtle Island was disappointing in several respects. After experiencing Sukau we found, on reflection, the accommodation and food rather basic and uninspiring. We were not expecting luxury, far from it, but we felt that the infrastructure was all a bit dilapidated - and did not reflect any attempt to reinvest income in the quality of these basics requirements. The 'circus' that was the call to 'view' the turtle laying eggs felt intrusive and inappropriate. I realise that there has to be some compromise to provide an experience that will bring much wanted money to the project, and that it was only 1 mother that had to suffer the ignominy, but sadness is what we both felt about the whole process.

    I hope that this does not come over as too negative - in fact we would definitely visit Sukau again and will recommend you without reservation to our friends. The hospitality that we received from all staff at the lodge, from the dining room staff, the cleaners, the guides and the admin staff was first rate and we would be grateful if you would convey our thanks to all on the team.

  • David Hughes (Australian) wrote:
    13-15 January 2015

    The lodge was fantastic. The staff were all very good. The most outstanding was Fernando - our guide, and his commitment to us as his customers.

  • Satomi Nakahara (Japanese) wrote:
    1 - 3 January 2015

    Happy new year.

    Thanks for your mail. I came back to Japan yesterday and I and my family really enjoyed staying at your lodge. Especially food and staff were very nice and I would like to go back again in future if I have a chance. Thanks for everything and I wish you all the best for this year!


  • Lotfi Berrada and Sara Lyamani (American) wrote:
    3 - 5 January 2015

    We had a wonderful time with you. Good organization. Tasty food. Wonderfull staff. Really recommend you for all our friends and we will come back again for sure!

  • David Hughes (Australian) wrote:
    13-15 January 2015

    The lodge was fantastic. The staff were all very good. The most outstanding was Fernando - our guide, and his commitment to us as his customers.

  • Nina Dramsby (Danish ) wrote:
    30 Jan - 14 Feb 2015

    Adrian knew something about everything, and that was very interesting! The most impressive things during the tour were Turtle Island and Sukau Rainforest Lodge!